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Building Your Business in 2023 and Beyond

We get it!

Every business owner and leader is trying to figure out how to stay at top of mind, improve their business, keep the business profitable, pay all of the bills, learn how to do TikTok videos, balance your budget, train new employees, keep orders going out, reach new customers, and everything in between!

We are always asked, “What can I do to build my business or grow to the point I know it has the potential to be?”

The answer and solution is simple: STOP TRYING TO DO IT ALL!


When we are pulled in a million directions, this forces us to not only wear ourselves then, but also forces us to be in charge of things that may not be in our zone of genius. How many times have you made a social media post just to post knowing it wasn’t a reflection of what you desire for your business? How many times have you failed at something more than once and continued to try simply because you were too ashamed to admit that you are NOT that great at some part of business?


In 2023 and beyond: focus on your zone of genius!

If you know that your talent is in customer service, focus on serving your customers.

If you know that your talent is in sales, focus on sales.

If you know that your talent is providing a service and nothing else in the business, focus on the services and experiences.

Far too often, business owners wear themselves out because of the following:


    • Not upholding boundaries within the business. If you have rules and procedures to abide by, your clients and customers should respect that. Do not feel bad about having to give “no” to someone or something as an answer. Remember that your target customers and clients will show you respect and respect the rules of your business.


    • Avoiding automation. There are many medial tasks that can be automated for your business to make things easier: invest in those things now to help you reclaim your time to focus on other tasks. This includes appointment schedulers, a website outlining your services, products, and services, e-mail campaign automation with CRM, and more.


    • Being comfortable. Far too often one of major mistakes of business owners is being too comfortable and not wanting to learn to pivot and adapt for new tasks, growth opportunities, and more. Instead of implementing things to help scale their business, they are too busy trying to keep control of everything: which leads to your business being stagnant and lost opportunities. The most successful business owners and leaders are life-long learners so if you are afraid of learning new things, hire someone to manage your business that has the qualities needed to improve.


    • Refusing to accept outside help, mentorship, or failing to delegate tasks. Sometimes, we all are in need of uncomfortable truths to help us with our business. When outsiders offer you help, figure out their area of expertise and weigh the potential ROI that it can bring with your business. Can it help your business? If so, why are you trying to do it all? When experts offer their expertise, are you too busy with your ego instead of realizing they are giving what you may truly need in your business; fresh eyes offer fresh outside perspectives that we may not be able to see internally. Not properly delegating will have you running on empty and second-guessing why you shouldn’t just quit.


    • Not investing into your business. It is HARD WORK growing a business, but it’s even harder when you refuse to invest in the tools, software, and PEOPLE needed to help take your business to the next level. Want to reach 5 figures? You have to invest 4. Want to reach 6 figures? You have to invest 5. Want to reach 7 figures? You have to invest 6. There is no way possible for you to grow and scale your business without investing whether if it is in marketing, operations, people, technology, PR, and more.



Remember that e-book, course, or webinar that you signed up for? You were determined to sign up for it because you knew you needed to involve it in your business or that you needed to learn more about a certain topic. You may have started it, or even finished it: but never implemented what you learned. Failing to take action and do the work is what makes the difference between a successful business owner and someone pulling at strings trying to figure out why they are constantly in the same position year after year.


Starting a business is easy, but keeping and growing a business is HARD WORK! Stay the course and remember that with a few changes, the business you desire is within your reach.








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