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Influencer marketing

DR & Associates understands that many brands and businesses are looking for unique and cost-effective options to reach new, brand-loyal consumers. Influencer marketing has quickly become one of the go-to marketing tasks for many companies. As this industry grows, businesses need a dedicated team that will help ensure that their influencer marketing campaigns are truly effective and provide the best ROI while connecting with the right audience.

Our team of experts is experienced in creating and managing influencer marketing campaigns and projects for some of the world's largest brands, as well as with small business owners and non-profit organizations. We believe in ensuring that our clients are allocating their funds for marketing for the best return on their investment, including ensuring that the influencers and campaigns that we create will bring a positive change for long-term business growth.


  • Influencer Talent Management & Consulting
  • Product Reviews & Sampling Campaigns
  • Influencer Community Outreach & Engagement
  • Influencer Campaign ROI Measurement
  • Influencer Campaign Creation, Strategy & Management
  • Influencer Campaign Messaging & Monitoring
  • Consumer Sentiment Analysis
  • Influencer Sourcing


Our team takes pride in working with business owners and leaders that are open to change, are coachable, and want to discover the best path of success.

DR & Associates takes pride in providing a new approach to influencer marketing and helping clients successfully deliver their message to consumers to stand out among the competition with influencers that provide an organic, loyal, and trusting following.

Starting with a Discovery Call, our team reviews the client needs to provide the best solutions and recommendations moving forward. If we both decide that we are a fit, our team gets busy with research to begin on the path of success with a plan of action and strategy plan to begin.

We pride ourselves on providing the best services to fit our client goals, needs, and objectives. If it doesn’t fit our client goals: we don’t recommend it. Our success is built on that of our clients, not our bottom line. 






Are you ready to take your brand to the next level? We pride ourselves on providing the best services to fit our client needs and objectives.

We enjoy working with serious business owners and leaders that allow us to serve our clients as a trusted part of their team and success.

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